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Job Management Software

If you run a team of 20 or less employees, it's likely that you're spending at least 14 hours a week tracking jobs, calling team members on job sites, managing schedules and painfully estimating the time and materials you'll need to quote/invoice once the job is done.  

What would you do with two extra days every week?
Would you...
  • Generate new client leads?
  • Plan a new revenue stream?
  • Spend more time with friends & family?
What if you could move all of that tracking and client work into a single place that is secure and paperless via your phone and desktop? And help you to stay in touch with your team and clients and invoice quickly and easily as soon as the job is done!  

"It took us four years to get to 24 jobs a day, now we've doubled the jobs to about 50 in six   months and it's much less work for us we've got our weekends back!" 
Margarita Elevancini, Margarita's Cleaning
"Geo job management software eliminates paperwork, is transparent and accurate and       helps to manage customer expectations."
 Franc Rebernik, Knightguard

"Our officers have gained at least one hour a day they would otherwise have used filling out paperwork and spending time in the office." 
Daniel Hadfield, Auckland City Council 

We're Geo, your job management solution. We make it easier out there.

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