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Through innovation and analytical engineering, driven by world class expertise, Fusion Modulair is proud to be at the vanguard of deploying industry leading climate control solutions for large-volume spaces. As pioneers of the ductless approach, and a dedication to high energy efficiency, lower costs and a streamlined installation process, Fusion has the privilege of being the solution of choice for the most discerning of clients, including Amazon, Bunning, DHL, IKEA, Symbion, and Sigma Healthcare.

With applications ranging from retail, wholesale, sensitive temperature-controlled storage, to large sporting and public venues, Fusions integrated systems work intelligently together to provide adaptable, reliable and exceptionally efficient operation based on continuous metrics and data analysis. 

Our patented hardware is purpose-built in a factory as a complete and modular HVAC product, pre-commissioned and ready to run from day one. An advanced dedicated BMS comes integrated to provide intelligence, reporting and fleet management, and allows individual units to work harmoniously together, ensuring optimal energy efficiency and comfort. 

Simply put, the Fusion approach results in a smart and sustainable solution that gives clients the peace of mind that their climate control needs are fully met, while reducing both initial and ongoing costs, and impacts on the environment.

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