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Frese are a specialist manufacturer of pressure and flow control valves for chilled, heating and condenser water. Frese valves help achieve green star ratings for buildings, simplify commissioning and provide unparalleled temperature control accuracy.  

Frese have now added marine and industrial grade flow control devices for seawater heat exchange and corrosive environment applications.

Valves and Controls for HVAC Applications
Efficient indoor climate control for buildings
  • With the ever-increasing focus on delivering optimum energy efficiency in buildings, Frese has led the market in the development of innovative, energy-saving valves for global heating, ventilating and air conditioning applications
  • High-quality products, application knowledge and customer focus have helped to position Frese as a leading manufacturer and supplier of valves and control solutions for hydronic systems in the global HVAC market segment  
  • Frese has a long history in the development of valves and controls for both heating and cooling systems with over 30 years experience designing, developing and supplying innovative, energy-saving dynamic balancing valves.  
Marine and Industrial 
Durable flow and pressure control for the most demanding environments
  • The combination of extensive material, product and application knowledge built up over 75 years enables Frese to offer a range of durable valves for applications in some of the worlds most demanding environments 
  • Manufactured in materials including stainless steel, low carbon steel and nickel-aluminium bronze, Frese can offer customers a range of products that are suitable for the most arduous environments including applications such as ballast water treatment, seawater district cooling, desalination and offshore.  
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