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Ecosave: The Trusted Name in Guaranteed Energy Savings 

Ecosave was established in 2002 with a commitment to help clients save money and save resources through energy conservation and sustainability management. Ecosave is Australia and New Zealands largest independent Energy Services Company (ESCO) and a trusted energy savings partner to a number of Tier-1 public and private sector organisations.

Ecosave specialises in scoping, funding, implementing and monitoring performance-based energy efficiency projects for government and commercial organisations. Ecosave has been active in Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) for more than 7 years and specialised in Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects for over 15 years.

Ecosave helps organisations focus on their core business or mission by providing a full suite of end-to-end energy efficiency services and sustainability management solutions.

Fixed-price proposals, holistic approach to energy conservation, turn-key solutions, guaranteed savings and end-to-end servicing are hallmarks of Ecosaves value proposition.

Ecosave has delivered savings to Tier-1 organisations at more than 3,000 sites in Australia and internationally including:

  • NSW Department of Education, 
  • Queensland Health, 
  • City of Sydney, 
  • North Sydney Council, 
  • City of Yarra, 
  • Chisholm Institute, 
  • Bupa, 
  • Primo Smallgoods, 
  • Stockland 

...and many other large energy using organisations comprising hospitals, manufacturing facilities, commercial buildings, council buildings, aquatic centres, schools, universities and shopping centres.

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Ecosave takes a holistic or "Whole of Building" approach to energy conservation measures including but not limited to:

  • Lighting
  • Solar PV
  • Battery storage
  • HVAC-R optimisation
  • Embedded and distributed power generation
  • Co-generation and tri-generation systems optimisation
  • Energy saving modules
  • Voltage Power Optimisation
  • Variable Speed Drives
  • Controls
  • Sensors
  • Building Management System controls and optimisation
  • Building Analytics
  • Building Tuning
  • Building sealing
  • Energy Management, demand response
  • Mechanical engineering design and implementation
  • Electrical engineering design and implementation
  • Water pumping and treatment

Ecosave provides fixed-price integrated-services to achieve Guaranteed Savings 

  1. Ecosave Advisory  sustainability consulting, strategic recommendations, business case justification; energy assessments and energy audits.
  2. Ecosave Efficiency  design, implementation and commissioning of energy conservation measures in performance-based projects (guaranteed savings).
  3. Ecosave Watch  ongoing energy management, continuous commissioning and asset maintenance solutions.

"At Ecosave, we have the resources and expertise to act as your outsourced sustainability department for low-risk effective implementation of energy saving solutions, single-point-of-contact and accountability of results"

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