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Ductus is the leading supplier of Light Weight Duct Technology (LWDT). 

Ductus has been leading the way in innovation and now partnered with Kingspan Insulation Australia to add to its product range the world renowned Kingspan KoolDuct range along with ALP LWDT. 

In an effort to ensure the highest of standards within the LWDT sector, both products are highly certified ensuring only the best is used. 

Ductus has supplied hundreds of projects through its delivery partners available in every state and territory throughout Australia. Ductus is seeing some significant uptake in this latest LWDT. 

Introducing ALP, a global leader in the manufacture of pre-insulated board and accessories. Unlike any other pre-insulated duct manufacturer, ALP can provide its partners with a range of products including an indoor and outdoor solution, a round patented LWD system, and its most exciting product ALP Active, an antimicrobial ducting solution. As the name suggests, this product comprises a facing that reverses bacteria growth, actively killing the microbes in the airstream as they pass through the duct.  

ALP can offer a wide range of accreditation, certification and testing from many regions in the world. Being the leader in pre-insulated duct manufacturing, ALP has had thousands of projects that show true, trialled and used product within many industries.  

Introducing Kingspan KoolDuct. The only pre-insulated duct that has achieved the UL 181 listing, ensuring the highest of global standards, it's a system that you cannot look past. 

Ensuring a full comprehensive ducting system, Ductus has teamed up with Sekisui to introduce Thermobreak Acoustiplus, it features the highest NRC rating for the thinnest medium of its kind! Keeping up with the theme of only the best, Gripple is the only system to be used for all your hanging requirements including Seismic Restraints, third party tested and accredited with Ductus range of LWDT. 

For further information, please contact us for a list of applications and locations.  

Used in multiple industries throughout the globe, Ductus products have been successfully installed in: 

  • Commercial applications
  • Industrial applications
  • Swimming pools
  • Aged-care facilities
  • Food manufacturing plants
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmaceutical storage
  • Archive buildings
  • IT sites with CRAC units.  
Ductus has strategically placed fabricators covering Australia and New Zealand. 

For more information: sales@ductus.com.au

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