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At DUCTLAB AUSTRALIA, we carry the widest range of flat low-profile PVC duct systems across Australia.

Our environmentally friendly duct system is ideal for limited ceiling space environments in residential, industrial and commercial applications. As well as being the perfect solution for exhaust hoods, cowls, and other exhaust needs.  

The systems are complemented with a wide variety of fittings and duct sizes designed to enable assembly of bespoke, yet standardised, ductwork solutions and architectures. Our Flat duct come in 5 sizes, and 15 extremely easy mounting fittings. Without complicated assembly operations and special tools needed, fittings include rectangular to round, oval to round, round to round, bends, reducers, connectors, clips, etc. 

Environmentally Friendly, Safe & Fire Rated

Being one of the largest PVC Flat Duct suppliers in Australia, our Flat Duct is 100% recyclable with Green Star Ratings and Best Practice approved PVC product.

Our Complied Certifications:  
AS1530.3-1999 (Fire Rated)
AS4254.2-2012 (Ductwork Handling)
UL-181.11-2013 (Burning Test)
VOC Emission Certified
BEP (Best Environmental Practice)
Vinyl Australia Green Building Council Australia

Duct work sizes:   all without middle supporter bar  

204x60mm 220x90mm 300x60mm 320x75mm 350x75mm

Wholesaling Australia Wide

Once you become a DUCTLAB customer, you will appreciate the quality, competitive prices, flexibility, and professionalism of our work. Contact us today, our friendly staffs are ready to serve and immediate Australia-wide delivery.

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