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Unit 2, 39 King Road
NSW 2077

Phone: 1300 655 952

Controlstore is an established, leading and respected HVAC peripherals provider in the control and automation industry. We are committed to enabling our customers to deliver HVAC systems success through superior availability, reliability and capability.

We supply a full range of leading quality, cost competitive HVAC brands and products, and our commitment to customer focus ensures reliable advice, responsive service and technical support excellence.

With offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Wellington (NZ), as well as partners in Melbourne, we pride ourselves on our ability to assist a wide range of customers from walk-in retail customers to sole traders and national organizations.

We are:
  • Danfoss Sales Partner in Brisbane and Sydney
  • Sontay Representative in Australia and New Zealand
  • Australian Partner for Oventrop, Ontrol, Barcol-Air and EasyIO
  • An Authorised Siemens Distribution Partner and Dwyer Instrument Partner in NSW
  • A distributor of iSMA products in Australia and New Zealand.
We also supply the full range of key products from NT network thermostat, Steinel, SmartTemp, Veris Industries, Mamac Systems and other brands. 

Our contact details (Australia)
Ph:         1300 655 952 

Our contact details (New Zealand)
Ph:          0800 655 952

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