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The Evolution of Boilers is here!

The Rendamax EVO range represents a significant step forward in heating technology.

With extremely flexible configurations, clever design and a range of models available from 60-2000kW, theyre perfect for a variety of commercial applications. It is time to discover the next generation of floor standing boiler!

  • Unique premix-burner system
    • A fully modulating, water-cooled cold flame burner utilises a one-of-a-kind system to provide reliable and robust performance.
  • Flexible configurations
    • The inspection glass and ignition electrode can be fitted on either side of the boiler, allowing a more flexible boiler positioning on site.
  • Lifetime high efficiency
    • By combining the unique premix-burner/heat exchanger system with the optimised controls, the EVO range can provide up to 110% efficiency.
  • Lightweight construction and easy transportation
    • With a modular design & utilising low water content technology, the boiler can be easily installed on a rooftop or wall-mounted.
  • Low emissions
    • The water-cooled cold flame burner and the optimised combustion zone achieve extremely low NOx and CO emissions.   

For more information on the Rendamax EVO range please contact the team at Consolidated Fire & Steam.


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