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Level 6, 10 Artemis Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
VIC 3000

Phone: 1300600432

Conserve It is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia with offices in Singapore and Italy.

Conserve It partners with international leaders in Building Automation & Controls, Analytics & Visualisation, Sensors & Metering, Actuators & Valves and Remote Access Security and is one of the leading Distributors in the industry.

As Developers, Conserve It builds market-ready, Edge to Cloud solutions through best-in-class hardware and software solutions as a Dell Technologies OEM, through the Conserve It range of Edge IoT Controllers.

Conserve It provides the following products:
  • PlantPRO - Smart Machine Learning Chiller Plant Optimisation with Analytics, Fault Detection and Diagnostics and Reporting
  • Conserve It Smart Edge IoT Controllers
  • Building Automation Controllers from Tridium, Easy IO & Ontrol
  • Analytics and Visualisation software from Tridium, SkySpark, DGlux5 & Kodaro
  • Third Party Niagara Applications and Drivers from Kodaro, Quicklink & Maxline
  • Hardwired Sensors, Wireless Sensors & Metering from Veris & Inovonics
  • Controls, Actuators and Valves from Neptronic
  • Automated Networking, Remote Connectivity and Security from Tosibox

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