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Boss Passive Fire

BOSS Fire develop cutting-edge fire-resistant building products for residential and commercial construction.  

Fire safety is critical and complex. Our purpose is to make it easier to build cost-effective, safer places to live.

Proudly Australian owned and ISO-9001 accredited, our passive fire products are tested and approved to Australian Standards and Building Codes.

We uncomplicate the complicated. We innovate for user-friendly, versatile products that eliminate the installation risk and heavily reduce labour costs.

Our Senior Team all have trade, technical or engineering backgrounds with a combined hundred years' industry experience, so we know first-hand the pressure on designers, contractors, and certifiers to "get it right".  We understand what's required from design to construction, to final occupancy and life-cycle durability - so our R&D, customer service and quality-management systems closely and purposefully support our mission.

Our way of thinking like an installer sets us apart, borne from decades "on-the-tools".  So when we test and develop systems, we do so to ensure class leading levels of fire protection, and to simplify the construction process by making the systems faster and easier to install.

We offer a wide variety of certified passive fire products specific to the HVAC/R Industry:

  • The Multi Award-Winning BOSS FyreBox™ - Multi Service Pipe & Cable Transit

  • Class leading fire sealants & silicones:
             o   High Pressure Exerting Intumescent Sealant - Bold FireMastic-HPE™
             o   5hr Fire Rated Intumescent Acrylic Sealant - Bold FireMastic-300™
             o   5hr Fire Rated Weather Resistant Silicone - Bold FireSilicone-EMA™  
  • High Performance Duct Wrap
  • Fire Rated Intumescent Dampers & Door Grille Kits
  • Thermal Insulating Blankets P40-MAK Wrap & Thermal Defence Wrap
  • Pipe wraps and collars including UniWrap & MaxiCollars™

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Boss Passive Fire


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