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Boss Passive Fire

BOSS Fire develop cutting-edge fire-resistant building products for residential & commercial construction.  

Fire safety is critical and complex. Our purpose is to make it easier to build cost-effective, safer places to live.

Proudly Australian owned & ISO-9001 accredited, our passive fire products are tested & approved to Australian Standards.

We uncomplicate the complicated. We innovate for user-friendly, versatile products that eliminate the installation risk and heavily reduce labour costs.

Our Senior Team all have trade, technical or engineering backgrounds with a combined hundred years' industry experience, so we know first-hand the pressure on designers, contractors, and certifiers to "get it right". We understand what's required from design to construction, to final occupancy and life-cycle durability - so our R&D, customer service and quality-management systems closely and purposefully support our mission.

Our way of thinking like an installer sets us apart, borne from decades "on-the-tools". So when we test & develop systems, we do so to ensure class leading levels of fire protection, and to simplify the construction process by making the systems faster & easier to install.

We offer a wide variety of certified passive fire products specific to the HVAC/R Industry:
  • The Award-Winning BOSS Fire Transit Box - Multi Service Pipe & Cable Transit
  • Class leading fire sealants & silicones: 
    • High Pressure Exerting Intumescent Sealant - FireMastic-HPE™
    • 5hr Fire Rated Intumescent Acrylic Sealant - FireMastic-300™ 
    • 5hr Fire Rated Weather Resistant Silicone - FireSilicone-EMA™
  • High Performance Duct Wrap
  • Fire Rated Intumescent Dampers & Door Grille Kits
  • Thermal Insulating Blankets P40-MAK Wrap & Thermal Defence Wrap
  • Pipe wraps and collars including UniWrap & MaxiCollars™

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Boss Passive Fire