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Blue Green Engineering

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Building Services

The price of electricity has recently doubled. However, the complexity of systems and opportunities to save energy has increased exponentially. So it makes it hard to distinguish which solutions are beneficial from the ones that are not. The last thing you need is complex and confusing service providers. They should have both high technical proficiency and communicate well.

However, there are two main attributes that separate BGe from other companies. We believe that better than most companies in our field we:
  1. Communicate effectively without jargon
  2. Provide simple solutions to complex problems
Blue Green Engineering specialises in helping clients maximise client investments in building energy efficiency projects with simple plain English solutions. Vasilios, the director, has worked on many private and government-supported energy-efficiency projects since 2009 and has been involved with sustainable projects since 2002.

Blue Green Engineering offers:
  •   Energy services (audits, modelling, section J)
  •   Detailed mechanical building services design
  •   Generation of NSW energy savings certificates (ESCs) for HVAC upgrades
  •   Project management
 At the end of the day, if you are working with someone as passionate and clear about objectives as we are, you are truly taking aboard an opportunity to make something great.