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BIG Ass Fans

In Big Ass Fans' two decades of innovation, we've helped thousands of engineers, designers and builders incorporate air movement into building designs; reducing energy consumption and offering a more sustainable comfort solution for their clients.

Big Ass Fans deliver.

Large High Volume, Low Speed Overhead Fans

Designed for power, versatility and sophistication, our large overhead fans transform stuffy conditions. Our PFX, PFD and Essence range offers the freedom to blend seamlessly into your space, keeping employees motivated, customers engaged and guests in awe.

Small Direct-Drive Overhead Fans
Renowned for its award-winning innovation, our small overhead fan, Haiku, was beautifully crafted with an iconic design, unmatched efficiency, and unrivalled functionality. It's direct-drive motor means it runs at no more than a whisper and uses only one-third the energy of a typical ceiling fan.

Directional Fans

Built to withstand years of daily abuse and designed to deliver airflow where overhead fans can't, Big Ass directional fans bring industry-leading air power down to earth, delivering coverage up to 37 metres away.

Founded in the US our products are designed and made in our custom-made manufacturing facility. With our state-of-the-art Australian warehouse facilities, design and customer support team, we are confident your experience will be seamless; with the quality you deserve.

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