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Port Melbourne
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Building Services

Automated Building Technology (ABT) is company focused on delivering complete building automation systems and heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems (HVAC).

With over 25 years of experience and qualifications in the HVAC industry the company has a long standing relationship with clients in providing mechanical and computerised setups, service maintenance and repairs to numerous buildings in the Melbourne CDB location.

Throughout the company operation ABT has grown to offer a range of high quality products, services and solutions to meet any customer requirement.
The company has assisted customers from provisioning of control items, control systems and advice services to providing the complete building automation services and repairs.

ABT has the knowledge and the expertise to deliver complete building automation systems and air conditioning systems to new building constructions or upgrade existing systems.

Our team has the skills and qualifications to deliver all required mechanical & digital setups and the engineering know how to design any project.

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Automated Building Technology Pty Ltd