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8 Stout Road
Mount Druitt
NSW 2770

Phone: 02 8805 3300



Arneg Oceania

Arneg Oceania has been directly present in Australia since 1996 and today is a major player in the country. Along these years, Arneg Oceania has ensured that products have been customised to Australian specifications and climate, with particular attention being paid to the reduction of power consumption of its cases and the needs of Australian customers.  


Arneg was established half a century ago based on those solid principles and moral values typical of Veneto culture. It has grown progressively strongly believing in the effectiveness of production growth sensitive to important topics like safeguarding the environment, energy savings and respecting people.


Our project is a high sustainability, entrepreneurial project that has grown over the years thanks to intelligent technologies evolving. It pursues its economic purpose interacting with the environment, society and its customers who then benefit from its activities. Continually improving quality of life is a fundamental part of this project.

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Arneg Oceania