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Arneg Oceania

Arneg Oceania, a cornerstone in the Australian commercial refrigeration industry since 1996, continues to lead with pioneering innovations and sustainable practices. Building on last year's momentum, 2024 marks a significant expansion in our capabilities and offerings.

The integration of Contract Refrigeration enhances our suite of services, ensuring seamless installation and maintenance of our advanced systems.

This year, Arneg proudly introduced Chill Tower and EcoRing technologies.

Our commitment to natural refrigerant applications further cements our dedication to environmental stewardship.

Arneg Oceania's R&D efforts have yielded substantial energy efficiency and product visibility advancements, aligning with Australia's stringent regulations and unique climate challenges.

Trust Arneg for comprehensive, eco-friendly refrigeration solutions that don't compromise quality or innovation.

  • Refrigeration systems including TC CO2 Booster, SC CO2, R290 Waterloop, right through to SkW packaged systems
  • Chill Tower, designed for simplicity and efficiency, offers a straightforward installation and maintenance process. This innovative system produces glycol water at -8C, featuring a semi-hermetic compressor and a compact aluminum micro-channel condenser that minimizes the refrigerant circuit volume.
  • EcoRing is available in water-cooled and air-cooled solutions
  • Complete range of remote and plug-in display cabinets to meet all your requirements
  • Cold modular freezer, coolrooms (PIR and PUR) and rapid doors
  • A nationwide installation, service, and maintenance team will support all products.

Discover the full range of Arneg natural solutions.

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