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Air Conditioning


APAC is back, bigger and better than ever. 

Now with the backing of Rinnai, Japans global leader in hot water heating and cooling, you can rest assured that APAC will measure up when the heat in on.  Perfect as a replacement for old APAC units, the new APAC machines use exactly the same footprint, duct work, mains power and controls, so there are no expensive modification costs.

The new APAC systems are an exceptionally efficient solution as they offer up to 31 per cent in energy savings and up to 20 per cent reduction in noise level compared to existing APAC equivalent units. The product range includes:
  • Roof top package 012 to 095kW 
  • Vertical packaged 012 to 045kW 
  • Split ducted 012 to 095kW, including multiple fan coil unit configuration.  
APAC units can satisfy almost every light and heavy commercial application, plus an unmatched list of factory fitted options and accessories can be applied to cover a wide range of needs including industrial, marine and off-shore.

APAC has a nationwide stock holding or all of our ranges, ready for your breakdown replacement application, upgrade program or new installation project.

The APAC Advantage:
  • Flexibility
  • Low installed cost 
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Low noise
APAC, a Specialized Engineering business, part of the Rinnai Australia Group.

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