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133 Newbridge Road,
NSW 2170

Phone: (02) 9601 1066

Airfoil is Australias leading manufacturer of air diffusion products

Widest range of air diffusion products under one roof in Australia
The fastest manufacturing lead times in the industry
All manufacturing processes are Quality Assured ISO 9001
Primary distributor for TROX Technik in Australia
National distribution network  

Airfoil manufactures over 150,000 grilles a year in our factory complex in Sydney. We also carry 80,000 grilles in stock at all times.

Duct Airfoil manufactures over 100,000 lengths of duct a year and stocks over 20,000 lengths of insulated duct at all times.  

Fittings Airfoil manufactures over 100,000 sheet metal products a year and stocks a huge variety of commercial and domestic fittings including supply and return air plenum boxes, cushion boxes, V boxes, light air boots, Y-pieces, BTOs and double BTOs.   

TROX Technik
Airfoil is the Primary Distributor for TROX in Australia. TROX is a global leader in the development and manufacture of air conditioning components, devices and systems. Not only do we have all standard TROX products in stock, we also have specialist engineering staff to help you with product knowledge and selection.

We are the only quality assured company in the sector and as a market leader, we pride ourselves on never turning down a challenging job. We look for quality solutions that will fit into the timeframe and budget. There is no job too small or too big.   Airfoil is where fast turnaround time meets excellent quality.


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