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Air & Odour Management

Experts in commercial kitchen exhaust and filtration equipment in Australia and New Zealand.

As a family owned and operated Australian business, Air and Odour Management Australia (AOM Australia) is positioned as a key supplier of commercial kitchen exhaust and filtration equipment throughout Australia and New Zealand. AOM Australia supplies a large range of performance commercial kitchen exhaust hoods certified to Australian Standard requirements as well as exhaust air filtration and odour mitigation equipment and systems that ensure compliance to Australian Standards and NCC performance requirements.

Backed by the most thorough International and National independent testing and certification.

AOM Australia's independent testing and certification is second to none and has resulted in the development of detailed equipment compliance and performance certification to guarantee that AOM equipment meets both Australia Standards and NCC performance requirements. AOM international testing is supplemented by national testing carried out both by Sydney University as well as site specified project testing by independent experts.

Only National supplier with a range of licensed Made in Australia filtration equipment (License number 11096)

For over 10 years, the AOM Australia team has worked tirelessly to innovate and improve products and services, and this has cumulated with the development of a range of licensed (License 11096) "Made in Australia" filtration products. This stems from AOM Australia's commitment to high-quality durable products that have been designed and manufactured to the requirements of the Australian market. The AOM Australia team has been unwavering in its commitment to innovation and enhancement of our product and service offerings. Our SCRUBBOX model electrostatic precipitators in particular have been continuously upgraded with the latest innovations and components.

A continuous and unwavering commitment to after sales support.

Knowing that an exhaust and filtration system requires continuous maintenance and after sales support, AOM Australia has continued to grow the engineering, servicing and maintenance teams to ensure that AOM equipment continuous to perform to the highest project requirements.

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Air & Odour Management