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For more than a decade, Air Change has provided unique equipment and engineering solutions for local and international clients using its internationally patented heat and energy recovery technology. 

During that time, we have developed a comprehensive range of energy efficient products to deliver controlled indoor climate conditions satisfying the requirements of the project stakeholders - the developer, the design engineer, the building owner and its occupants.

Air Change can engineer a customised solution to:
Provide your specified climate condition;
Reduce energy consumption & carbon emissions;
Minimise capital and running costs;
Ensure high indoor air quality;
Lower maintenance costs;
Comply with minimum energy codes and standards; and
Customise a solution to meet your size and space availability.

Providing sustainable solutions for over 15 years, Air Change units are used in many offices, schools, gyms, indoor pools, retail outlets, and hospitals around the country. 

Proven to improve IAQ, earn Green Star points and assist in NABERS energy ratings while addressing Section J requirements of the BCA.

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