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Air Additions
Air Additions is the key supply chain for the commercial, industrial and residential HVAC industry across Australia and New Zealand.

As a HVAC distributor we offer a comprehensive range of Air Diffusion equipment including grilles, diffusers, flexible duct and accessories. The business is committed to HVAC industry and always adding innovative products in Air Movement.

Air Additions houses a dedicated team of sales, marketing and customer service people who understand the needs of Climate Wholesalers, contractors and customers.

We have a sales team across Australia and New Zealand who deal directly with the HVAC customers and work in conjunction with Air Additions for delivery of HVAC products.

The MM&S brand is Australias leading manufacturer and supplier of Electrical Test Tags and Lock Out Tags. Our commitment to Australian manufacturing has led us to continuously invest in the latest digital printing equipment.

Redback Ladders 
The most successful ladder manufacturers in the Australian market. They are strong, light weight, and electrically safe, manufactured to Australian and New Zealand Standards and carry a 150Kg industrial rating.

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Air Additions