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AFPRO Filters

AFPRO Filters provides clean air to support a healthy life.  

Breathing. Something everybody does every day, every hour and every second, without ever really thinking about it. But contaminated particles are everywhere and although you cant see them, they can cause people to have trouble breathing, even ending up in chronic respiratory disease, heart failure or thrombosis. So obviously clean air not only improves your daily performance, it improves the quality of your entire life. 

AFPRO Filters has been creating air filters for four decades. We have not only been focusing on the basic quality of our products, but also on the efficiency, the sustainability and, of course, the impact of our product on general health. 

To ensure the quality of our products, we not only design but also manufacture everything ourselves. It has given us the opportunity to be agile and respond promptly to the needs of our customers. AFPRO Filters stands for health, sustainability, efficiency and innovation. That is why we are very proud to present our latest creation. 

Activated carbon filter, bag filter, compact filter, filter medium, heavy-duty filter, HEPA filter, holding frames, accessories.  

Cleanroom qualification, onsite inspection, active carbon test, life-cycle costing calculation, filter simulator, air filtration training, logistic support. 

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AFPRO Filters