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Aeris Environmental Ltd

Aeris Environmental takes a whole-of-system approach to HVAC+R, and has a product range that can ensure that systems perform better, last longer, and cost less to run, as well as make the lives better for those that are around those systems.

Who is Aeris?  

Aeris Environmental is on a mission to protect human habitats. Humans live in built environments that have challenges in keeping pathogens and disease at bay, as well as the natural degradation of assets. Aeris provides products and services that efficiently keep the air cleaner, surfaces cleaner, protect assets from corrosion, clean hands and skin, and have as small an impact on the wider natural environment as possible.  

These challenges are relevant across the world, driving Aeris Environmental to provide product solutions globally. ASX-listed, Aeris Environmental uses Australian-made and patented technology from extensive experience in healthcare and mechanical services. It has offices in North America, Europe and Asia, with the head office in Sydney, Australia.

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Aeris Environmental Ltd

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