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391 Tamborine Mountain Road
QLD 4270

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ADEC Services Pty Ltd

ADEC Services

Specialists in cleaning all types of ductwork, associated plant, and setting up preventative maintenance schedules.

We now supply and install UV lights and systems.

Trading since 1996, we have seen just about everything in the duct cleaning business and has developed best practices for the removal of all sorts of matter from air conditioning and exhaust ducting. Whether it be an exhaust duct in a local fish and chip shop or a largescale commercial premises, or a sterile hospital environment,

ADEC has and continues to service all.

We feel that we have the knowledge and experience to meet your requirements in any area of duct cleaning necessary and can answer any questions you may have.

We know that this work must be carried out as efficiently as possible, as quietly as possible, and causing the minimum of disruption to customers and staff. We also understand the need for care in sensitive areas and are willing to meet any other special requirements your site may have.

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ADEC Services Pty Ltd