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ActronControls Leasam
Proudly Australian owned and made.

Since 1992, the ActronControls team has been providing premium controls and components to the Australian HVAC industry, with our specialist knowledge earning us a reputation for innovation, quality, and performance. Designed and manufactured right here in Australia, our systems are made with Australias unique requirements in mind.

With a dedication to integrated control systems, ActronControls extensive product range provides a lot more than just thermostat controls.

Why choose ActronControls?

In the business world, things need to happen quickly.

You need service fast. You need parts fast. You need a solution fast.

That's why when you call ActronControls, well be there for you then and there. We pride ourselves on our support, with a National Service Network that has staff on the ground and parts on the shelves. They're friendly, reliable, and prompt. Our call centre is on-site, not in some far flung part of the world, so when you call you know you'll speak to someone who's responsive, knowledgeable, and based near you.

We excel at fast response times, ensuring we have stock on hand. We do this because we know how important short lead times are for business,and that waiting for weeks on end for a part to come in from overseas is simply not good enough. And with our well-earned reputation for reliability, when you buy one of our products you know it will work as its supposed to.

Finally, our focus on flexibility allows us to get orders built fast, tailored to your specifications, with any variation requirement taken into account.
And our 1 year manufacturers warranty will keep you comfortable with absolute peace of mind.

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