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AB Controls

AB Controls brings you quality sensors and solutions for your applications. With over 30 years experience in the industry, our design team can work with you to create customised solutions from short run product manufacture to MSSB,s. with the addition of Global Control solutions to our line up we can now offer our clients a full building automation package.

Australian made.
  • Customised controls/sensors such as the CS1 and FR3 ranges of fan controllers and our new range of adjustable controllers.
  • A range of fast fit modules and control boards, with more modules coming soon
  • Kitchen fan and gas valve interlocks
  • Design and build custom control centres for building and machine operation, including OEM provision as needed
  • Economical answers for those hard to solve installation problems in building controls. 

Our Senva range includes:
Current, temperature, pressure, humidity, carbon dioxide and combination air quality sensors that are some of the most reliable in the market
Carbon monoxide controller/sensors for car park fan control that we can supply as a stand-alone unit or within a complete car park control system ready to bolt to the wall

Our GCS Range includes:
  • PSC2 analogue and digital input/output controller.
  • VVR Air volume box controller
  • IPM Internet interface gateway module.
  • SVB supervisor and web server.

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