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A.G. Coombs Group

Founded in 1945, the A.G. Coombs Group is the leading Australian building services company that provides a whole-of-life range of integrated services for all technical systems in buildings.  

Whether your'e looking for advice, design, prefabrication, installation, commissioning, maintenance or ongoing operation and asset management services in the areas of air conditioning and mechanical services, fire protection, hydraulics, electrical services, lighting, or building control technologies, we can deliver tailored services or offer you a whole-of-life building services solution.  

A.G. Coombs has a national capability with major operations on Australia's eastern seaboard.  

 The industry-leading specialist provider for air conditioning, mechanical services and multi services installations, we are renowned for our project management skills, leadership in digital design and documentation, offsite prefabrication and for providing high levels of expertise for large, complex and technically advanced projects.

 A specialist building services asset management and maintenance provider offering professionally managed, highly qualified technical staff to achieve improved reliability, energy efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

With a strong mix of specialist technical and engineering expertise as well as depth and breadth of practical experience, A.G. Coombs Advisory is a leading provider of technical consulting services for all building systems.

Technical Management:
 Operationally focused technical building services management for facilities which are complex or operationally challenging. including Data Centres, major government complexes, critical healthcare facilities, laboratories and large commercial complexes.

For more information on A.G. Coombs, visit our website on
www.agcoombs.com.au or call 03 9248 2700.

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A.G. Coombs Group